Q. How do we order the products?

Ono Souvenir website sole purpose is for showcasing products from our avalible supply . For our respective customer to order and purchase our goods , please visit our shop for further transaction process

Q.Why cant we only buy one for one type of product at a time?

Our store allow minumum number of 50 pieces of item to be sold at a time . due to the usual number of wedding favours that are sold , we are only allowing 50 pieces to be sold at a time , any lower than that is not possible

Q. Where is your shop located?

You can find our store at : ITC Mangga Dua , ground floor ,2 on ITC Mangga dua 2nd Floot , Mangga Dua Pasar pagi .

Q.Can we use our own designs ?

Yes , you can . we will gladly use your designs and apply it to the custumizeable favors , though to be remembered that custom design will cost more due to the re-printing process